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Prevention of the problems with the lettiera


Cio. that concurs to us to hold cats and dogs like house animals and that to both puo. to teach itself to make the own needs in places specifici.Quando a gattino it has approximately 4 weeks, iniziera. to play, to explore and to dig in materials light and earth like dirt or sand scattered for. In short time the gattino iniziera. to make the own needs in the place in which it digs. The cats of much species begin to show this behavior not as soon as they succeed to make the needs alone. Not and necessary that the human mothers or owners teach to the gattini to make the needs in these substances to read, not compact, or to dig or to bury the needs; these behaviors are said "innati" in how much the gattini do not have to learn like executing them.

However, the place in which a cat it makes the needs puo. to be influenced from its experience. Lettiere that From the POINT OF VIEW Of the CAT, they do not represent, for all a series of reasons, an acceptable place where to unload itself, they can carry the cat to go elsewhere to the bath. And therefore important to give to the cat or gattino one lettiera that satisfies its needs, so that to lui/lei piaccia that lettiera and the uses consistentemente.


Not c.e. in realta. true and just a training of the cat to the lettiera, the equal dell.addestramento to the house of a dog. L.unica what to make and to put to disposition one lettiera acceptable and accessible, using the described criteria under and remembering themselves that "acceptable and accessible" they must be such from the point of view of the cat and not of the owner. And necessary and not even recommendable not to carry the cat in the lettiera and muovergli the legs ahead and GO BACK TO LIST in the sabbia.Questo indeed could represent not pleasant un.esperienza for the cat and could begin "not positive" un.associazione with the lettiera. If you will put it to disposition one lettiera acceptable and accessible the cat sapra. to what it serves.


The greater part of the owners wants to put the lettiera in a secluded place in order to diminish smells it and small particles of sabbietta scattered for the house.
Often the lettiera ends in wine cellar, neighbor to a household-electric one or on a concrete pavement, cold, never finished. This place puo. to be not gradevole, from the point of view of the cat. First, if you have a gattino young and small it could not be in a position to coming down a long row of steep scales, every time that must go to the bath - especially if it must begin from the third plan!. Also of the adult cats in one new house could initially not remember where and arranged the lettiera, if and put in a place that they often do not attend.

According to, the cats they could be scared if, while is in the lettiera making their needs, d.improvviso a boiler, a washing machine or a clothes dryer left, and that one could be l.ultima time that the cat wants to risk frightful un.esperienza cosi.!. Finally, some cats love grattare the surface around the lettiera and could not appreciate the cold concrete pavement. Cosi., you will have to make of the compromises, putting the lettiera in an adequate place but that it gives to the cat a po. of privacy. If you put the lettiera in a closet insured to you that the door fixed is opened with of the full ones from both sides in order avoiding outside that the cat can be caught within or. If you put the lettiera on a cold, slippery surface or smooths down, considered l.eventualita. to place it over an old carpet or of refuse.


The search has tried that the greater part of the cats prefers one sand to fine grain, probably perche. from one senzazione piu. "soft". The new agglomerative sands have of usual one thin grain piu. that not the typical clay. However, to lettiere of qualita clay of optimal, without powder, has a relatively fine grain and can go very well. Also the earth from vase has a consistency much soft one but it does not absorb a lot. If thoughts that your cat has a past from randagio or could make the needs in your plants of house, you can try to mischiare a po. of earth from vase with your normal sand. Once found the sand that it appeals to to your cat, changed type or does not mark; to buy marks it less expensive, one marks any or quasiasi sand in offer could carry to problems with the lettiera.

Some lettiere they have been created piu. in order to satisfy needs them of the owners who those of the cats. Many cats do not appreciate perfumed lettiere; for the same reason and one good idea not to arrange close deodorant from atmosphere to the lettiera. Puo. instead to put itself of I leaven in powder on the bottom of the lettiera, that it helps to absorb smells without giving annoyance to it to the cat. Piu. still important, if the lettiera and clean estate smell to it would not have to be a problem.


Some owners think that piu. sand puts in the cassette, less often will have to clean up it. FALSE! When the cats randagi make the needs outside, in kind they choose a place that has little particles of dirt or other material grattare a po.. Of usual they do not choose places where "they sink" in centimeters of powder. . Molti gatti di casa non gradiranno lettiere piu’ profonde di un paio di centimetri, anzi, alcuni gatti, in particolare quelli a pelo lungo, preferiscono in realta’ meno sabbia e una superficie un po’ liscia e scivolosa come quella del fondo della lettiera. The cassette MUST be cleaned up with regolarita. and to add piu. to sand not and a way in order to go around the task.


A good indication and of having at least much to lettiere how many is your cats. In this way no cat trovera. never the occupied lettiera. . Potrete sistemare le lettiere sparse in vari posti per la casa, cosi’ che nessun gatto possa "controllare" l’area delle lettiere e impedirne l’accesso agli altri. . In generale, non e’ possibile assegnare una specifica,unica lettiera ad ogni gatto, in quanto i gatti spesso userannno qualsiasi lettiera sia disponibile. Puo. to succeed that a cat refusals to use the lettiera after an other cat. In this case lettiere will have to be maintained to all extremely clean and could be necessary of lettiere in piu..


The greater part of the cats not extension preference for one lettiera covered respect one discovered. . Tuttavia un gatto molto grande in una lettiera coperta potrebbe non avere abbastanza spazio per girarsi, grattare , scavare e posizionarsi come vuole. . Inoltre, sempre la lettiera coperta potrebbe agevolare attese e "agguati" da parte di un altro gatto nei confronti del gatto che sta uscendo dalla cassetta. D.altro song one lettiera covered from a privacy greater and could be preferred from timid cats. You will be able to have need to make some experiment and to supply both the possibilita. before understanding what prefers your cat. . Se non volete aquistare la copertura potete sempre farne una da una scatola di cartone rovesciata, tagliando via le ali laterali e uno dei due lati piu’ corti .


Lettiere estates must be always clean. In order to satisfy it needs them of the piu.schizzinoso cat is necessary to remove I made every day them. How much often to change the sand depends on the number of cats and the number of lettiere that you have. . Una regola generale e’ un paio di volte a settimana, ma, a seconda delle circostanze si puo’ andare da una volta ogni due giorni a una volta a settimana soltanto. . Se la lettiera manda odore o se la maggior parte della sabbia e’ bagnata o agglomerata allora e’ sicuramente ora di cambiare la sabbia.


Some cats are not disturb to you from the presence of a plastic sheet, while others. . Anche in questo caso, dovrete fare degli esperimenti per capire se il vostro gatto e’ disturbato o meno dalla presenza di plastica nella cassetta.. . Se la usate, assicuratevi che sia ben fissata, in modo che non si possa aggrappare alle unghie del gatto o tirata dentro la sabbia.


If the cat stops to use the lettiera your first telephone call it would have always to be made your veterinary. . Ci sono molte condizini mediche che possono causare un cambiamento nelle abitudini d’uso della lettiera e che vanno quindi prese inizialmente in considerazione. If the veterinary assesses that the cat and in good health, these causes could be of behavioural origin. . La maggior parte dei problemi di comportamento legati alla lettiera possono essere risolti usanto tecniche di modifica del comportamento; la punizione NON e’ una risposta. If you want aid, contacted a comportamentalista of the animals, competent and with a experience of job with the cats.  

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